Dealing with the Disappointment of Capital Venture Refusal

bn-os461_2eles_12h_20160630110737It is not uncommon for new start up companies to be denied their first capital venture endeavor. They may have been rather rash in their approach and not fully prepared. There are many European capital venture investors, and they are going to be diligent about who they are going to invest in.

As an entrepreneur you may have a fantastic idea that falls within the technology realm. You won’t have any problem getting potential investors to listen to your concept. Even if you have convinced them as to the viability of it, you are going to have to go through many more steps to entice them to put up their money.

You have got to prove your idea. You probably have identified your target market but what steps have you taken to prove that this market is going to be active users? The argument you may raise to this is how can you do this without the opportunity to bring the product to market. The problem is you don’t have the cash to do this. This is where you have really got to indulge in some bootstrapping. You have to take all of your marketing skills and convince anyone who will listen to invest in what you have to offer. Most often its friends and family who will first step up to the plate to do this. There is nothing wrong with this and in fact, it may hold some credence with those venture capitalists that you are approaching.

If you have been turned down in your capital venture approach then now is the prime time to learn from your mistakes. Take the time to find out why you were refused. This is valuable information that you can now put to work for you. You now have your weaknesses identified and you can go about correcting these. If you do then your next approach will most likely be a successful one.