This is a website that many European entrepreneurs may find to be most informative. Mostly, it’s about capital ventures and what this form of investment can do for a company. The information here is intended to act as a starting point to help new companies that don’t really have a great deal of experience with raising funds, assisting them to come to the realisation that their company is eventually going to meet the criteria for venture funding.

The posts on this site will touch on many different issues and concerns about venture funding: for example the basics of what it is and how important it can be to the European economy. They will also outline why some are more successful than others at getting these types of financial investors involved, compared to others.

It takes a lot of work to convince investors to participate in a new company and for this reason many of them never really get off the ground – simply because of the complexity of it. Knowing the history of venture capital and where it is headed in the future is also very important to know.

The opinions outlined here are such that they are meant to act as an encouragement for new start up businesses or even established ones that need additional financing to get to the next level. If nothing else, the articles will shed some light on the types of funding that companies go after and what can be some of the pitfalls that prevent them from being successful.